Welcome to Unioto Alumni Association

Purple and Gold Pride!      

Alma Mater       

There's a school we'll cherish ever,  By the highway side.  Our love for thee will vanish never,  Be our fondest pride.  Many lessons she has taught us,  Honor, faith and truth;  Many blessings she has brought us,  Glorified our youth.  Chorus:  Sons and daughters, sing her praises,  Sing them far and wide;  Sing our love for Unioto,  Unioto High.       

School Fight Song   "Cheer, cheer for old UHS, Cheer for the school that we love the best.   While our team is on the floor, ______________will never raise the score.   We love our colors, purple and gold.   Our loyal team so fearless and bold.   While Unioto’s sons go marching onward to victory.